If your league or a skater is playing in a game OR attending a bootcamp OR event outside of Canada please obtain an Out of Country certificate by filling out the form below. You can fill out the form for a whole team, coaches, and visiting officials.  


WFTDi Canada skaters are ONLY covered to skate in the USA if they are travelling with their WFTDi Canada team.  

Please apply if you are not skating with your league and we will go through your application to see if you will be covered.

Skaters will be covered for Bootcamps and RollerCon.


WFTDi Canada cannot cover skaters to play in the USA on USA teams or in USA leagues. Please purchase WFTDi USA Insurance if you plan to play on a USA team.


WFTDi Canada verifies membership with Rollercon staff ahead of time and so you do not need to complete the form for Rollercon but we recommend that you have your WFTDi Canada membership card with you.


Please allow for 2-4 weeks processing. We will not process certificates that are submitted less than 60 hours before needed.


Email us if you have any further questions wftdicanada@wftdi.com

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