Pack Is Here! Insurance Services is a fully licensed insurance brokerage. It was founded in 2012, as a branch of an existing insurance business owned by Barbara Lapointe. Barbara has been in the insurance industry since 1991.


Hi-lites of what types of coverage are offered by Pack Is Here! Insurance Services:


Fracture Plan - Broken bone insurance. Pays a lump-sum, tax-free benefit to the insured when they break a bone. Benefit is based on the bone broken and covers the insured 24/7.


Benefit is paid IN ADDITION to existing coverage (ie. WFTDiCanada, employer benefits, etc.) This is a VERY good fit for individuals in contact sports!


Travel Insurance - Even with WFTDiCanada coverage, it is a VERY good idea to supplement your coverage with travel insurance. As I am sure you are aware, the cost of care in the USA is astronomical. For the little cost of the travel insurance, you would be guaranteed coverage for everything while you are there. If skaters are relying on a travel insurance component through an employer plan, I would suggest they ensure that contact sports are covered. Many group benefit plans DO NOT cover contact sports.


Traditional Disability Insurance - Income-replacement plans. To be covered under one of these plans the applicant must qualify, financially AND medically. This is a good fit for self-employed or contract individuals. Not a fit for everyone. There are some plans that are also available for non-occupational coverage. That means you are only covered when you are NOT at work (for group plans that do not cover injuries that occur after-hours) Will integrate with existing benefits.


Long-Term Care Insurance - If an insured person cannot perform 2 of the 6 activities of daily living, they would potentially qualify for an income weekly. Applicants do not have to qualify based on occupation or income. Great fit for self-employed individuals with greatly fluctuating incomes, homemakers, with no "earned" income, and students with little or no income. To qualify for a benefit, it's obviously a more serious injury than just a broken arm, so again, not for everyone. Benefits paid IN ADDITION to existing benefits.


Critical Illness Insurance -A lump-sum, tax-free benefit paid out to the insured person upon diagnosis of a critical illness (i.e. Heart attack, cancer, stroke, etc - list of 26 covered conditions and illnesses) Also paid IN ADDITION to existing benefits.


Life Insurance -A lump-sum, tax-free benefit paid out to the named beneficiary of an insured person. There are many types and levels of plans available. Recommendations based on individual needs evaluations.


Extended Healthcare Plans - Dental, prescriptions, paramedical services (ie. physiotherapy, massage,chiropractor, etc). If someone is not fortunate to have a group benefits plan, in most cases we can set them up with a personally owned, and tailored plan.


Please do not contact PACKISHERE regarding WFTDiCanada Insurance. The above packages are available through PACKISHERE as an extra cost supplementing what you do or do not yet have.

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