Junior Derby

Effective October 12, 2019, WFTDi Canada will not not cover adult leagues for the liability of minors participating with them.  


There are additional, serious risks and liabilities associated with minors that are not limited to injury. 

Minors cannot indemnify any league, nor can a parent, on their behalf. That means leagues have no liability protection if anything were to happen to a minor and the league could be sued as a result. Waivers that are signed, for or by a minor, do not stand in court. 

Minors should not participate with adult leagues in any capacity except as a spectator. Skaters and all adult leagues will not be covered for this liability.  


If you are an adult leagues with a Junior leagues affiliated under you - you may use the same practice space as long as there is a clear separation.  Clear delineation must be made for junior practice space and adult practice space, Junior and Senior skaters cannot participate together, for free skate, contact or non-contact drills.



Can juniors skate on the track with adults during non contact drills?  

This liability is not covered, therefore we strongly discourage doing this. 


Can juniors skate on the track as adults during a free skate? 

This liability is not covered, therefore we strongly discourage doing this

If a Junior skater becomes injured by a Senior skater can they sue the individuals on the BOD or does the Director insurance protect them from this?  

A Junior skater can sue both the league and individuals. Leagues are not covered for this liability. 


Junior skaters are covered for injuries when skating with other Junior skaters under the accident insurance policy.

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