Skaters must fill in the online form in addition to filling in paperwork. The online form gives WFTDi Canada your info immediately and is the fastest way to ensure WFTDi Canada has your info and for WFTDi Canada to issue you your membership number. We will place this info into your league database with your info and your membership number. 



This step is MANDATORY. Skaters are not covered if WFTDi Canada does not have their information in the database and they do not have a WFTDi Canada #.


All Skaters (New or Renewing) must go to  and enter their own information into the Online Form. This link is available on the East Skaters page or the West Skaters page underlined in Step 1.


WFTDi Canada will assign skaters a WFTDi Canada membership # and move the skater to their league database.


The WFTDi Canada League ensures all skaters have completed Step One. The WFTDi Canada league can enter the info into the league database rather than do the ONLINE form if a skater cannot complete this step.


Skaters who are not in the database and do not have a WFTDi Canada # AND have not paid are not covered.


Anyone that puts on a pair of skates must have membership that provides all skaters with coverage should they become injured.  Players, Refs and Skating Coaches must have membership coverage. Leagues need to ensure any visiting skater, ref or skating coach has this. Have visiting skaters provide you with their membership number and electronic card.



Non Skating members – Who are they? Coaches, assistant coaches, NSO (non skating officials)!

These members of your league do not need to be WFTDi Canada members. They do have the option if they wish to be members and be covered under our plan but it is not necessary if they are not on skates.


Volunteers are people that volunteer to help at games but do not skate, do not pay dues, have no vote in your league and generally show up to help at your events.

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